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Online Business Banking

Offers reporting and transaction initiation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with top level security protection features. You can initiate wires, both domestic and international and place stop payments online. Our Online Business Banking provides up to the minute balance and transaction data including check images.

ACH Services

Provides timely payment of payroll directly into an employee account at any U.S. Bank. Can automate collection of revenues and disburse direct payments to your vendors and customers. Our system also allows you to automate the payment of your Company's state and federal tax payments.

Account Reconciliation Service

Saves time in having to reconcile your accounts each month by allowing you to upload or input the checks you have issued. Makes reconciliation fast, easy and convenient.

Positive Pay Fraud Protection

Gives you the ability to review potentially fraudulent checks before they impact your business accounts. Allows you to stay in control by deciding to pay or return items at your convenience.

Express Deposit

With Express Deposit you make your check deposits via a scanner from the convenience of your office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Deposits are made quickly and securely and can be deposited up until 6:00 PM for credit the next business day.

Commercial Analysis

Offers an earnings credit which allows you to offset your services and activity levels. With this account multiple accounts can also be grouped to maximize the total cash position for your business.

Zero Balance Accounts

This account will sweep and consolidate balances from multiple collection and disbursement accounts (sub accounts) into a single master account. Funds are transferred automatically each business night to return the sub accounts to a zero balance.

Escrow/IOLTA Accounts

Specially designed for those responsible for managing escrow or IOTLA (Lawyer's Trust) accounts.

Cash Sweep Services

Effectively manage your liquidity by not allowing your cash to stay idle in your account. We offer both an Investment Sweep which allows end of the day sweep investments and Loan Sweeps which will maximize your interest savings by paying down on a line of credit.

CD ROMS/E-Statements

We offer multiple choices on how you receive your monthly statements. Go paperless through our free E-statement program or choose to receive your statement in the form of a CD ROM. You chose what works best for you and your company.

Corporate Credit Cards

We offer a robust selection of Corporate Card programs to support both small and large business needs. Depending on the card you select, features may include access to on-line spending reports, central billing, participation in a Rewards program or cash back program for businesses.

Purchasing Cards

Our One Card is a complete travel and purchasing card solution that combines the function and control of a purchasing card with the flexibility and power of a travel and entertainment (T&E) card. Full control of limit changes, card issuance and extensive reporting is available at the business owners fingertips.

Payroll Cards

Both you and your employees save valuable time and money by eliminating paper paychecks. Employers simply use their existing direct deposit process and our payroll card provider, Elavon, manages the rest - from card issuing to transaction processing to 24/7 customer service - with no third parties in between. The PayCard can be used wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Reporting uses the Federal Reserve Bank's secure email service to provide your company with detailed information regarding incoming ACH transactions. Users receive a secure email each time EDI information is received.

Merchant Services

Expand your customers' payment options while increasing your revenue with our Merchant Services. Our Merchant Services enable you to process VISA®, MasterCard® and American Express® credit and debit transactions electronically with complete convenience and security. The best part is our Merchant Services provide your business with local servicing and support.

Extended FDIC Protection

Our expanded FDIC insurance protection program offers the ability to enjoy the safety of millions of dollars in FDIC insurance and allows you to consolidate multiple bank relationships into one account.

Re$bumitit Program

Allows your business to substantially increase the collection of NSF checks by converting checks into electronic drafts. This is a free service for our businesses which attempts collection of 100% of the face value of the check.

Contact a Cash Management Specialist to get started or visit any Monarch Bank Office for more information.

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